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Bluetooth Diagnostics Dongle For Zeros

DigiNow.it would like to thank you so much! Your support has allowed us to develop this aftermarket part for Zero Motorcycles. Without your patience and support we would not have been able to do it!

Please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have either through the forms or our email. brandon@diginow.it or mike@diginow.it You may also contact Hollywood Elelectrics at their email info@hollywoodelectrics.com Issues, suggestions and more can be filed on the projects open sourced GitHub Repository.

Depending on the year model of your bike, you may have basic access via your new bluetooth terminal. Or you may need to login. The basic level of password as is publicly available on the forums is 1.21gigawatts If you wish to do anything requireing higher level access than this, please contact us, or our preferred vendor Hollywood Electrics

Please note Hollywood electrics is the foremost expert and leading dealership for Zero Motorcycles world wide, they are a working business and it should be expected that you will have to pay for their time. Their experience is in demand and prices are reasonable. They will be able to help you with diagnostics and custom programming of your bike. Please do not ask them for free help, that is what the forums are for.

Thank you again for your support! Together we are enabling the Zero community to have more control over their own bikes!

This document is online here. It is maintained as a github repository so if you would like to be a part of the documentation effort please fell free to contribute!

By using this product you agree to the following :

  1. Neither DigiNow.it, Hollywood Electrics, nor Zero Motorcycles is responcible for any damage caused to property, people, your bike, or your person during or after using this device.
  2. You understand that use of this device may void your warantee.
  3. You understand that this device is not an official Zero Product, but an aftermarket part produced by DigiNow.it
  4. You accept all responcibility for any positive or negative results from using this product.

Documentation :

Caution :

Recommended Terminals

Most Modern operating systems will handle Bluetooth Serial ports automatically. In the case that your OS does not, You may need to forward your bluetooth port to a serial port or com port.

  1. CoolTerm Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  2. DigiNow Chrome Serial Terminal Available for any OS with Chrome


  1. BlueTerm You will have to modify the preferences for the incoming line endings to both be "Replace by CRLF"